The Silk Out

The Silk Out 

Product used to achieve this look !

V.Rich Essentials Product Line 

Vivify Strengthing Shampoo /Biotin 

Vigor Mint Tea Shampoo 

Vivify Conditioner & Co Wash 

Veneer Gloss Serum

Vital Holding Spray

Vitalize Dry Conditioner 

fly healthy hair 

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From The Salon , to styling for a photo shoot , to the runway to behind the scense on a Feature film.

to owning a V.Rich & Company Beauty Brand Hair care and extentions ,

V.Rich Essentials hair care line
Vivify Strengthening Shampoo
Vivify Conditioner & Co wash

V.Rich Essentials


Enriched in Botanical Extracts,Biotin & Vitamins.

V.Rich Essentials Strong ,Healthy ,Bouncy Hair

Promoting Fly, Healthy Hair

Available In Salon & Online

V.Rich Luxury Extensions

Virgin Human Hair 

10 in to 28 inches

with proper care least 8-12 months 

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